Inventavis Announces ProCare as New Client

Fresno, California; January 2, 2018

Inventavis announced today that it has entered into a consulting and distribution agreement with ProCare Dental Designs LLC. ProCare has created a revolutionary dental program being launched throughout the US.

Inventavis co-founder Stephen Manzelli said, “The addition of this innovative new dental program to our product portfolio is very exciting, as Dental plans have been stagnant for far too long.  This new model breaks the mold and offers an effective, economically viable and competitive way to deliver high quality dental care to Americans.”

Inventavis will provide strategic guidance, risk mitigation and distribution to ProCare through its consulting division.

ProCare CEO Qadeer Ahmed said, “We are pleased to partner with the industry experts at Inventavis, and look forward to a rapid launch and comprehensive growth.”

About Inventavis

Inventavis is an innovative consulting and distribution company. It offers expert strategic guidance on a variety of business elements including new customer markets, programs, technology, services and products for the Life and Health industry.

Inventavis was formed by two leading health industry executives with over 65 years of combined experience and a long track record of success. Inventavis has offices in New York and California to service customers across the US and internationally.

About ProCare Dental Designs LLC

ProCare is led by executives with a record of multi-billion-dollar value creation, industry transformation and “must-have” product design, in diverse industries, countries, and market conditions. ProCare has created a revolutionary dental coverage product which provides elite quality care, to individuals and groups, at prices and benefit levels not seen in the industry. ProCare products will be offered through high quality, licensed partners in the dental coverage industry, as part of an overall program to modernize, measure and improve the global delivery of dental care.

For more information contact – or 518-419-2452.